• Precison metal mold parts
  • Precison metal mold parts

Precison metal mold parts

Custom CNC machining services - manufacturing for machinery, automation equipment, medical and aerospace business Material: SUS 304 Roughness: 1.6 Tolerance:+/-0.002 Quantity: 60sets
  • Precison metal mold parts


 First step:Milling

During rough machining the main purpose is to remove as much material in as little time as possible. The tool steel has not been hardened so that the cutters can take away material quickly. In this step we are not machining any small details.

The Second:Grinding

Before we start machining the fine details , We grind the surface of material. We are able to grind a wide variety of components and shaps,Fully profficient in materials ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, rare metals, and plastic.

The Third:Fine Machining

After milling and Grinding, the parts will be transferred to the next CNC machining center for fine machining, using complex computer programming and modern cutting tools to get fine details. Once the machining is done, the par needs to be EDM.

 The Fourth:Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

The parts required extensive use of EDM. Electrodes for the EDM machine are custom made for those  components. In this case, EDM allows for more precise corner radii than CNC machining. Next step we need to do wire cutting for the details.

 Finally: It is then thoroughly inspected to the customer’s specification before shipped to customer. 

To learn more about this project, including tolerances and inspection processes, please CONTACT US today or see the table below.

Product name

Precision parts

Product  description

Precison machining part for automation equipment

Capabilities applied/Processes

CNC milling,CNC machining,Electric   discharge,Grinding, Wire cutting

Overall part dimensions

0.5-300   (mm)

Tightest  tolerances


Material  used


Inspection performed

Dimensional inspection, visual inspection



Turnaround time