Quality Managment

The Quality Management

Goldstar precision maching equipped with wide variety of precision measuring equipment available for every industrial measuring need. Eevery part is 100% inspected for accuracy. Our quality assurance department is seperated from the manufacturing department, it's the responsibility to support and assist our five plants in defect-free parts.There are 21 stuff in our quality team, Mr Lin is director of QC department, he has over 20years quality managment experience in precision machining parts, he is responsible, patient and detailed-oriented,he makes us work easy.


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Quality Policy:


We have various taypes of inspection to assure quality, 1, IN-PROCESS INSPECTION; 2, OUTSIDE PROCESSING; 3,FINAL INSPECTION; 4, DOCK AUDITS


We know that the quality of project is in the entire production process each link work quality synthesis reflected, but is not inspects depending on the pure inspection. Quality rests with each and every employee, each person in this chain must perform his/her duties in a professional and conscientious manner to assure that every product is correct. Goldstar management makes every effort to provide each person with tools and equipment.


Corrective Action C.C.A.R :

Quality control department is the liaison with the cusomter's quality organization; If it is out of specification part was received by the customer, QC will investigate the results and root cause of the defect part, the results of their investigation shall be documented on the C.C.A.R form along with a recommendation of corrective action to prevent reoccureence. The report shall be forwarded to the plant manager for concurrence and then distributed to all of the involved departments for implemention.  A written report detailing cause and Corrected Action shall be forwarded to appropriate customer contact. If we make a mistake, we will make it right with you. 

With our compliment of precision CNC machining, milling, turning, welding, and grinding, bending, wire EDM, laser cutting, surface finishing, we could be your one- stop shop partner, your satisfaction is our Goldstar precision machining top priority, Let's involved your project early, we will help you spend your money wisely. Contact us today!



                                               Quality Assurance Equipment List


CMM                                 Raw Materal Tester(BRUKER Brand)   Electronic depth micrometer

Hight Micrometer                      Centralized measuring equipment                Electronic indicator


Electronic I.D. Capliper           O.D Micrometer Caliper                          Rockwell hardness tester

Stereomicroscope                    Electronic depth micrometer                         Flatness gage

Digital force gauge                   Ring thread gauge                                  Standard plug gauge

Micro-image measurer             Hight Micrometer                                    Plug screw gauge

Caliper                                     Blade type calipe                                    Surface roughness measuring device

Leeb hardness tester               Bore gages                                                 



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