• Precision turned component
  • Precision turned component

Precision turned component

CNC Aluminium Machining, Custom Machinery Parts, OEM Precision Machined Parts, Custom Non-Standard Parts, CNC Turning Parts, CNC Milling Parts Capabilities applied/Processes:CNC milling, Deburring,Tunring , Chrome plating, Wire cutting, Chamfer Ti
  • Precision turned component


The parts are made using CNC turning, milling and wire cutting processes. All the parts were finished with chrome plating.

The parts were produced in 12days ,shipping is done by air.

Goldstar Precision Machining produced 100 of these precision CNC milled, SUS304 covers for a machine. The precision CNC turning,milling, included: drilling, tapping, and counter boring, which provided the precise requirements for parts. The  Goldstar Precision machining team put its experience to work - our customer provided the print and 2D CAD drawings, and we took it from there, using our CNC turning to make  the cover  they needed, with quality they expected.

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Product name


Product   description

This is  a mechanical seal cover for the fixed connection.

Capabilities applied/Processes

CNC milling,  Deburring,Tunring , Chrome plating, Wire cutting, Chamfer

Overall part dimensions


Tightest  tolerances


Material  used


Inspection performed

Dimensional inspection, visual inspection



Turnaround time